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Wonder Years Programs

Infants – First Experiences Matter; They are PRECIOUS MOMENTS

We know from neuroscientists that our earliest moments—days, weeks, months—of life are a period of unparalleled brain development. It is a time when trillions of brain cell connections are made. Early experiences shape who we will become. Learn More

Toddlers – Everyday Experiences Shape Learning

Young children have specific windows of opportunity for achieving certain developmental milestones. Children’s bodies grow at a very rapid rate. Physical development affects children’s cognitive and social development, and readiness for school. Learn More

Preschoolers – I Have Self-Control; I Can Self-Regulate

Emotional literacy, the ability to recognize, understand, and appropriately express emotions, plays a big role in a young child’s capacity to learn. How a child feels will either support or hinder their ability to absorb information and have positive experiences. Learn More

Primary Caregivers – I Have a BIG Responsibility, and WYP Can Help

Primary caregivers are the first and the most important teachers. That is why you have a big responsibility. Taking the time to interact with your child’s teacher and participate in our program will create good memories (positive experiences) for you and your child to share. Learn More