Preschool Program

Socially, Emotionally & School Ready

Preschool Programs in Austin
Being ready for Kindergarten is a major accomplishment for your child, for you; the primary caregiver, and for all of us at Wonder Years who work tirelessly to ensure your child has attained school readiness skills. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your child has acquired skills for their lifelong journey.

A major component to being school ready is when your child demonstrates social and emotional skills. The teachers at Wonder Years incorporate tools offered through the Committee for Children’s Second Step for social and emotional learning. The Second Step Mind Yeti is utilized in all preschool and higher classrooms. The Mind Yeti is a learning system that helps children harness their energy, teaching them to listen, pay attention, control their behavior, and get along with others.

To further address school readiness our teachers are participating in the UT Health Children’s Learning Institute’s School Readiness training program. This program provides tools and training which allow our teachers to assess and address each child’s readiness. Our teachers also thoughtfully arrange their classroom with developmentally appropriate materials and activities to promote skills in each developmental domain. Take a look at our Play areas to gain an understanding of what your child learns from these materials and activities.

School Age

  • Homework Lab
  • Social Connection
  • STEAM & Sustainable Living Focus

Primary Caregiver

  • Caregiver classes & resources
Building Trust