The Wonder Years

The First Five

Every child is a caterpillar who can transform into a butterfly. That is why every caregiver must invest in a young person from the very beginning and actively participate in the metamorphosis.
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Children learn certain skills most easily during particular windows of opportunity. These Optimal Periods of Development are the few weeks or months when part of the brain absorbs new information more easily than any other time in life. At Wonder Years, we strive to facilitate individual development and assist in each child's transformation.

At Wonder Years of Northwest Austin, we take extra steps to ensure the entire family has great experiences. Your family can rest assured each day as you leave your child in our controlled access facility where digital communication allows you to feel connected through-out the day. Each room is carefully designed to provide your child with active learning areas loaded with materials that contribute to social interaction and great experiences. Our wonderful shady playground area is quality certified through the state of Texas and our EXCLUSIVE OUTDOOR STEAM area offers your child experiences only the outdoors can provide.

Wonder Years Infants

Primary Caregivers – You Have a BIG Responsibility, and We Can Help

Primary caregivers are the first and the most important teachers. That is why you have a big responsibility.Learn More

I Have a Big Responsibility; Which Story Most Reflects YOU?
Infants – First Experiences Matter; They are PRECIOUS MOMENTS

We know from neuroscientists that our earliest moments—days, weeks, months—of life are a period of unparalleled brain development. It is a time when trillions of brain cell connections are made. Early experiences shape… Learn More

First Experiences Matter: Making Secure Attachments
Toddlers – Physical Growth; My Overall Development

Infants grow at a rapid rate during their first two years. Physical and motor development affect their overall progress and readiness for school. Learn More

Gross Motor: Building Confidence and Independence
Preschoolers – I Am Self-Aware, I Can Self-Regulate, Now I Can Learn

Social and emotional development sets the foundation to build academic aptitude. Emotional literacy, the ability to recognize, understand, and appropriately express emotions is a crucial period of development necessary for school and life success. Learn More

Self Regulation: Developing Necessary Social Skills