Toddler Program

Moving from Total Dependence to Independence – Individualized Development

butterflyyellowInfants grow at a rapid rate during their first two years. Physical growth, cognitive skills, motor and language development all play a vital role in their overall ability to move from total dependence to independence. Along with rapid physical growth, children experience specific windows of opportunities to achieve developmental milestones. Wonder Years utilizes The Creative Curriculum’s Teaching Strategies Gold; a highly effective assessment tool which provides guidance to individualize classroom activities to support all levels of learning. Along with this curriculum tool, our teachers provide your child with various self-help and learning opportunities through-out the day. Classroom materials are thoughtfully placed to encourage self-dressing skills and to encourage interactions with others for language development. Our teachers utilize routines and guidance techniques to promote listening skills. When your child masters these skills they will demonstrate a readiness for the skill most parents cannot wait for their child to acquire – Toilet Trained. Our teachers are skilled and ready to assist with this significant milestone.

Researchers agree there are three major components to physical health and motor development.

  • Health and Well-Being
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills

Wonder Years focuses on implementing intentional teaching methods to assist with the development in this area. Children acquire self-help skills during our nutritious meal time and our developmentally appropriate classroom and outdoor materials facilitate small and large motor development.

Young children who have rich, diverse, and comforting experiences build strong connections that support good emotional health and lifelong success in learning.

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